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Kiesza - Hideaway

July 18, 2014

My dad was driving my aunt and I home from work today. They were chatting, I was slouched over playing 2048 on my phone (as I do) when, suddenly, the SUV rocked violently. I loudly dropped a few F-bombs and called for the lord’s son before we pulled over to the curb. There was no time to be mortified for cursing in front of my aunt.

A red caravan pulled up in front of us. Damages were inspected, words were exchanged, but all in a civilized manner. It mattered not, because the moment the red caravan couple shared their suspicions that my father was at fault for driving too close to the other lane, I told them quite sharply: “My dad has never made a mistake while driving.”

And it is the truth. In all my years, I have seen him take both hands off the wheel, make jokes about running over pedestrians, swerve maniacally left and right, and more. But never has he unintentionally committed an act of carelessness that resulted in an accident, big or small.

Upon further inspection, we found that there was minimal damage to our car. No dents, a few scratches - nothing worth going to insurance over. Oh, and it was the man in the black Honda behind us that had caused the accident by driving too closely to our car before attempting to switch lanes, resulting in the red caravan grazing our wheel. The damage on the left side of the Honda’s front bumper matched the dent of the caravan’s rear bumper.

After exchanging numbers, we drove off, leaving the caravan couple and Honda man to resolve the situation between themselves - and their respective insurance companies, I’m sure.

This story is written for my dad. Who I do not show enough appreciation to and who wanted me to write a “diary” entry about today’s events so that he may encapsulate the words ‘My father has never made a mistake while driving’ forever. Thanks for being a good driver, dad.